Past Events

Plug 2017


7:00pm, 11th May 2017

The Glasgow New Music Expedition, lead by our Principal Conductor - Jessica Cottis - returns to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for their groundbreaking annual programme of new student composition - PLUG.

This year we give the World Premieres of five new works by:
Zoë Darbyshire, Hei Ching Lam, Henry McPherson, Nicholas Olsen and Max Welton.

Plug Preview: Next Gen


3:00pm, 7th May 2017

The next generation of composition talent is found The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Junior Conservatoire, and they will have a chance to hear their latest composition for the first time performed by The Glasgow New Music Expedition, compared and conducted by our Principal Conductor - Jessica Cottis.

Plug 2016

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

7:00pm, 4th May 2016

The full force of the Glasgow New Music Expedition are invited back to PLUG to premiere another six new works by talented student composers from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This groundbreaking, 50-world-premieres-a-year-making, trailblazing festival marks its tenth year supporting new work.

GNME presents a fascinating programme of new works influenced by the fictional SCP Foundation, a secret organisation entrusted by global governments to contain and study anomalous entities, locations, and phenomena that defy natural law. Featuring new work from composers Anna Gigoreva, Alex MacKay, Nora Marazaite, Juta Pranulyte, Patrick Shand and Aiden Teplitzky, with the Glasgow New Music Expedition conducted by principal conductor Jessica Cottis.

Join us on a journey of discovery and wild imagination as we navigate our way through the weird and wonderful world of SCP.

Intersections: Adventures In Art and Sound

The Art School

8:00pm, 26th Apr 2016

Six composers, six artists, six new works. Join us for a brilliant, strange, exciting journey through six new cross-artform collaborative works produced by some of the finest emerging composers and arts working in Scotland today.

James Dixon, Olga Kaliszer, Jennifer Mason, Rhona Muehlebach, Chloë Reid, Julian Tolhurst, and composers Jay Capperauld, Euan Ferguson, Richard Greer, Claire McCue, Beki Smith, Matt Zurowski, conducted by Jessica Cottis.

£10 full price / £5 concessions

Live art and music at the Assembly Hall, GSA Union, 26th April

Conducted by Jessica cottis

Sound Thought

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

7:30pm, 1st Apr 2016

Join us as we premiere four new works from Scotland and beyond at Glasgow University's Festival of composition.

Music by

Adrian Laugsch
Kevin Leomo
And our festival resident composer Claire McCue.

Plug 2015

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

7:30pm, 12th May 2015

The First Launch

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

7:30pm, 21st Oct 2014

New work from Euan Ferguson, Michael McEneny, Gordon McPherson, Tom David Wilson, Richard Greer and Nora Marazaite.

Conducted by Jessica Cottis.

£9.50 (£6.50) Under 25s £5